Vera DeVera

Community Manager at Watershed

Vera Devera is a seasoned 0 to 1 community builder for high growth Saas companies like Ironclad, Vareto, and most recently Watershed, an all-in-one enterprise climate technology platform. Over her career, she’s ghostwritten for Jeff Bridges, owned a wedding planning business, and worked at San Francisco Opera and the Berkeley Police.

Outside of work, she creates communities around her passions for hiking, cycling, tennis, and gaming. As a board gaming and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast — she has taught workshops and organized hundreds of meetups to make the hobby accessible to players of all skill levels and backgrounds. She’s proud to serve on the board at the Shotgun Players, a nonprofit that aims to bring bold, affordable theater to diverse audiences in the Bay Area.

Her work for Ironclad is featured in David Spink’s book “The Business of Belonging” and she recently appeared on the “Behind the Community” podcast with Michelle Sims.